Rebate Agreement Configuration In Sap Sd

April 11th, 2021

Create the access sequence (ASeq.). Enter 1 in the field category for specific discounts. ASeq. After passing the right route of the ASeq for discounts. The big difference between the discount and the price access sequence is that there is no opt-out clause for the ASeq related to the discount. This means that multiple tables can be used simultaneously for an access sequence. Maybe I can help you with the handover process. (IN -IMG) 1. Set a type of discount agreement 2. Set a condition group 3. define a type of condition, and place that condition in the pricing procedure.

(DEMANDE-24) ALSO IN THE PROCEDURE- ACCRUAL KEY – ERU YOU ALSO HAVE THE DETERMINATION ACCOUNT FOR REBATES. We have tried to set up discount agreements for retroactive discounts for a month – which must be based on total billing for each customer. Cash flow has been improved due to timely and accurate requests for rebates. 1. First, you need to establish a discount agreement. 2. Create a condition set for the discount with the discount rate and the limit rate. 3. When the discount billing document is generated, the discount and limits are determined and accounted for in a separate GL account as a listed item – the amount to be balanced. It is also copied into the discount agreement. 4. Create a settlement run with the credit requirement and then credit to settle that amount with the debitor.

Discounts are deactivated by default in standard SAP. You need to enable the feature at three levels: distribution organizations, billing methods and customer level. You can enable discounts at the first two levels – distribution organization and billing type – in adjustment. The menu is as follows: IMG – Sale and distribution – Billing – Discount Processing – Discount Processing. The SAP discount mode configuration offers standard BO01 to BO06 pastry types for use with discounts. The attitude that distinguishes the types of reduction conditions from other types of prices is the packing class. For discount types, the packing class is C. For these conditions, fewer fields must be filled. This value in the condition class ensures that the discount mode cannot be processed by any of the price reservations such as VK11 and VK12. price conditions, access sequences and condition tables used in discounts. The account search for discounts consists of two account keys: the URE account key for booking demarcations and the ERB account key for booking the actual discount fee. We have attached these keys in the pricing procedure presented.

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