Share Purchase Agreement Asx

April 12th, 2021

Pureprofile will continue to inform shareholders of their progress in completing this scheme in the coming weeks. After the end of fiscal 2017, Pureprofile will pay Cohort counterparties consideration for the proceeds closed at the end of the GJ2017 s. $4,590,317 in cash and 8,888,889 Pureprofile shares (until May 2018). In order to support the cash payment to Cohort suppliers during this semester and to provide additional working capital to support our expected growth in fiscal 2018, Pureprofile has been looking at a number of financing alternatives. To support our continued growth and grow our local and international businesses, we invested more than $5 million in software and platform development in fiscal 2017. These distinguish pureprofile in the market and our investment is confirmed by the growth of our partnership with News Corp and by the size and number of new customers on board such as Unilever. Our investments in building market-leading products will enable us to sell a broader, integrated and ultimately more valuable product and service offering in fiscal 2018 and beyond. Given that the acquisition of Cohort allows for platform and software scenes, we expect our investments in software to decline in fiscal year 2018. Through Pureprofile (ASX: PPL) Pureprofile Limited (ASX: PPL) connects businesses to powerful consumers around the world by connecting, understanding and connecting them via direct-consumption technology platforms. Pureprofile is a global leader in consumer research, data and knowledge as well as programmatic media. Pureprofile provides next-generation marketing solutions for more than 500 brands, publishers and research groups worldwide. We are pleased to inform you that Pureprofile has signed a non-binding agenda this week for a new facility that will provide sufficient resources to support our growth in fiscal 2018 and pay the final consideration to Cohort suppliers.

As noted above, there are no plans for a capital increase.

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