Stock Purchase Agreement Line By Line

April 12th, 2021

Whether you`re a law student taking a clinical course on business transactions, a lawyer or a first-year banker in a mergers and acquisitions team, a demanding practitioner facing your first stock market, or an entrepreneur selling your business, line-by-line stock purchase contracts are a great starting point for learning the basics of a share purchase and sale transaction. In this book, the authors translate the complex representations, guarantees, compensation obligations and alliances that characterize sales contracts in easy-to-understand terms. While this book assumes that the reader has no experience in developing or negotiating stock purchase contracts, it contains tips and techniques that even more experienced contract practitioners should find new and useful. In addition, the book is peppered with contributions from experienced lawyers who provide practical guidance on various key conditions. If you`re looking for a fast lane in M-A, this is the book for you. Jaron R. Brown is Deputy Managing Director for Novelis Inc. At Novelis, Mr. Brown is the lead counsel for the law firm for the management of negotiations, projects and advice on all contracts in the Commercial Department and the Global Purchasing Division. He also has responsibilities for securities, AM, finance and compliance. Prior to joining Novelis, Mr. Brown was a partner at the law firm King and Spalding, where he was a member of the firm`s Corporate Practice Group, and represented private equity funds as well as public and private companies in strategic transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and capital raising operations. Tyler E.

Giles is currently a partner in the FisherBroyles LLP group. Prior to joining FisherBroyles, Mr. Giles was Senior Director and Corporate Counsel at Equifax Inc., where he advised the Mergers and Acquisitions Business Development Team and the Emerging Markets team in general business.

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