Training Course License Agreement

April 13th, 2021

The licensee wishes to grant the licensee a licence for the use of the coaching workshop in accordance with this agreement. The licensee grants the licensee a non-exclusive, unleased, non-transferable and revocable license for the use of the coaching workshop to train its employees, clients and clients in the coaching workshop. The above includes the right to teach the purpose of the coaching workshop (“training”) and to use the coaching workshop materials in connection with the provision of such training to clients and clients, but it does not imply the right to allow individuals to reproduce or use the coaching workshop. Without restricting the universality of the above, the licensee accepts the following conditions: 10.1.Diamond filing laboratories and the jewelry trade use subjective analysis methods. Diamond varieties can vary each time a diamond is submitted for re-examination and often vary from laboratory to laboratory depending on laboratory gradation standards and the accuracy and training of their geologists. Online prices and quality information provided by the service are the result of an automated electronic reaction system and are subject to the restrictions inherent in these systems. No assurance is taken, or implicitly, of the accuracy or validity of the information provided by the Service and/or the expertise of an information system or an individual providing information about the service. Rapport prices or availability information should only be used as a general guideline for the valuation of diamond prices. Rapaport prices do not replace the physical examination of a diamond by an expert expert who determines the quality and value of certain diamonds. The value of each diamond depends on its unique properties, some of which may not be contained in information about a diamond filing report or information provided by the user. Rapaport prices are limited to the extent that they reflect our opinion of current market values, based on the description and information provided by the licensee.

There is no guarantee that Rapaport`s notice and/or rating information provided by a laboratory or seller will be correct. Diamond prices and diamond valuations are not an exact science. While we believe that the information we have can help you make a reasonable and rational decision when buying or selling a diamond, our information is not perfect and should be carefully supplemented by the normal care that a consumer should apply when buying or selling a diamond.

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