Terms And Conditions Or Service Agreement

October 10th, 2021

The customer undertakes to pay all fees in the currency and payment period indicated in the corresponding order form. Optimizely`s fees are plus all taxes and customer must pay all taxes or duties applicable to sales, use, VAT, GST, consumption, withholding tax or other similar taxes, whether in Switzerland or abroad, with the exception of Optimizely`s income-based taxes. The customer pays taxes to Optimizely to the extent that the amounts are correctly included in Optimizely`s invoices. Optimizely sends electronic invoices and invoices for the Optimizely service in advance, as indicated in the order form, and for overruns or additional CPMs, if any in the corresponding order form, in a monthly delay. This section applies to all free subscriptions or beta versions (even if beta versions are made available for a fee or are charged to customer`s usage attributions) and supersedes all contrary provisions of this Agreement. Optimizely may, at its discretion, make good faith efforts to assist Customer in free access subscriptions or beta versions. Nevertheless, and without limiting the other exclusions and restrictions of this Agreement, CUSTOMER AGREES THAT ALL FREE OR BETA ACCESS SUBSCRIPTIONS “AS SEEN” AND “AS AVAILABLE” WILL BE PROVIDED WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, SUPPORT, MAINTENANCE, STORAGE, SLA OR INDEMNIFICATION OF ANY KIND. WITH RESPECT TO BETA RELEASES, CUSTOMER ALSO ACKNOWLEDGES AND AGREES THAT BETA RELEASES MAY NOT BE COMPLETE OR FULLY OPERATIONAL AND MAY CONTAIN ERRORS, ERRORS, OMISSIONS, AND OTHER ISSUES FOR WHICH OPTIMIZELY IS NOT RESPONSIBLE.. . .

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